About America's Health Care Professionals

AHCP Group has a history of only working with the highest quality insurance carriers.  Our goal is to give the best protection to our clients at the same time giving them the best value with easy to understand products.

For agents who join our program, AHCP provides a unique support system with quick and quality service. AHCP features “webtronic” business processing---allowing agents to increase their efficiency and enhance the service they provide to their clients.
We work for You not an Insurance Company!   
Choice of Plans!      Professional Service!

We help you find the best policy for your insurance dollar, by offering you access to all of the top carriers and plans in one place.  In an impersonal world of on-line options, we are dedicated to support every customer. You won't be stranded in cyberspace. We are licensed insurance agents willing to answer questions and help you make an informed decision on your Health, Dental, Life and other insurance needs.

The health insurance premiums we quote you are the same as those quoted by any health insurance agent. This is mandated by health insurance regulations. No one else can provide lower rates for any health insurance product we quote you. The difference is we have such a wide range of products to choose from. So you can get the right coverage and premium to fit your needs. 


Our goal is for you to know exactly what you are buying when you decide to purchase through us. We recommend you contact us to finalize your plan choices, to make sure your are getting the product that best meets your needs. All insurance carriers have different underwriting guidelines and we would like to make sure you will qualify for the plan you apply for, to save you time and possible frustrations. When you buy from us we service what we sell, so we are always here to assist you.  We offer our assistance in resolving any administrative problems you may experience with your health insurance provider. Our assistance is provided at no charge.


You can purchase your insurance policies through us via: our website, by phone, fax or in some cases we can visit you in person at your home, or business. We do not charge you for our services.  Should you elect to do business with us, we are paid a commission by the health insurance company you choose.


We regularly review the market to identify the best value plans from leading health insurers.  We only work with highly rated insurance companies who support the products they sell.


We are a working health insurance agency with leading edge technology. This website is only part of what we do. Our experienced staff is available via phone, or e-mail to answer your questions, and to provide assistance. We believe in one on one customer service!

Self-Employed individuals and Small Businesses beat the rising cost of hospital and doctor bills.

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